Environmental Monitoring

The Earth is in Our HandsWe all check up on, watch out for, and keep track of the things and the people we care about. Why should the outdoors be any different? Browse the environmental monitoring projects below and see how students and others are helping to protect your land, air and water. If you are interested in getting involved with one of the projects below on your public lands, please let us know.

Melibee Project and Project BrownDown

Melibee ProjectWhat happens when a new plant species comes into an area, and it is more attractive to pollinators than anything else around? Does it improve pollination of the native plants that are already there? Or does it lure away pollinators, or lead to the delivery of the wrong kind of pollen? We are asking these types of questions following the arrival of a non-native plant, white sweetclover (Melilotus albus) in habitats in interior Alaska. Watch the video below to find out why we need your help.


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