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Lilley Cornett Woods Appalachian Ecological Research Station

Located in Letcher County in the southeastern corner of Kentucky, Lilley Cornett Woods (LCW) encompasses 554 acres of mixed mesophytic forest.  A portion of the total acreage, 252 acres, is designated as "old-growth" forest; a forest which has not undergone any manmade changes in 150 years.  Biodiversity of plants and animals abound at LCW.  There are over 530 species of flowering plants and an estimated 700 breeding pairs of birds present.  ...

New River Nature Center

New River has been described as one of the last remaining wild places along the Oregon Coast. With its diversity of habitats; interconnected network of rivers, streams, and lakes; it offers visitors an exclusive area of biodiversity. Trails guide visitors to historic cranberry bogs, along natural wetlands and a river that hosts a number of birds and other wildlife. The nature center gives guests a unique experience into the natural and historic world ...

White Mountains National Recreation Area

The White Mountains National Recreation Area provides an ideal outdoor learning landscape for students in the Fairbanks North Star School District. Access to a cabin and trail system for winter learning provides students a safe way to get to the back country. The White Mountain's location in the sub-arctic environment provides a rich landscape to measure climate change, snow studies and interior Alaska history. Watershed Charter School is an environmental ...

Monitor National Marine Sanctuary

The Monitor National Marine Sanctuary’s education and outreach programs are designed to raise public awareness about the sanctuary and its resources, encourage public involvement in resource protection, increase knowledge about the USS Monitor and maritime history, and to support other NOAA initiatives such as ocean and climate literacy. Education and outreach includes both formal and informal programs for learners of all ages of sanctuary visitors and constituents, including user groups ...

Chippewa National Forest

The Chippewa Naitonal Forest is an amazing outdoor classroom---home to one of the largest breeding pairs of bald eagles in the lower 48, sharing boundaries with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, connecting ecosystems from Headwaters of the Mississippi to western prairie, northern boreal forest, big pines and oak/maple forests. The Forest offers year-round education programs and visitor activities. Come explore the winter woods with us!

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1976 to provide habitat for a large number of migratory waterfowl, fish, and other wildlife species threatened by commercial and industrial development, and to provide environmental education, wildlife recreational opportunities, and interpretive programming for Twin Cities residents. The Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge is located in the Minnesota River Valley, and has a unique distribution of habitats. While at either of the ...

Gulf Islands National Seashore

The West Florida Regional Planning Council is staff to the Bay Area Resource Council (BARC). The Bay Area Resource Council's main objective is to assist in improving the area’s quality of life and improving the waters of the Pensacola Bay System through community participation and coordination with local governments, citizens, academia, and the private sector.

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

A 2013 US Forest Service National Partner in Excellence Award winner and a 2014 Colorado Parks and Wildlife Partners in the Outdoors grant recipient, the Greater Arkansas River Nature Association’s (GARNA) mission is to foster stewardship of public lands through education, volunteerism and experiences. GARNA operates in the Upper Arkansas Valley in Colorado and was created in 1996 to assist the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Forest Service (USFS), ...

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge

Glacial Lake Wisconsin scoured out much of Central Wisconsin and has left what is now a mosaic habitat of sedge meadow, savanna, prairie, and pine-oak forest. Necedah National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1939. The refuge was established for breeding and migratory waterfowl and supports over 230 species of migratory birds. Necedah NWR is home to ringed boghaunter dragonflies, whooping cranes, trumpeter swans, wolves, Karner blue butterflies, badgers, and red-headed ...

Kerber Creek

Since the early 1990s, the BLM - San Luis Valley Field Office has been involved with the Kerber Creek Restoration Project. Several government agencies, organizations, and local landowners have been dedicated to restoring the Kerber Creek Watershed after a historic mining boom in Colorado's northern San Luis Valley. In the late nineteenth century, silver ore was discovered in the area, resulting in an economic boom as miners and their families ...

Black Bayou Lake NWR

Our goal is the provide field-based environmental education experiences for the local schools. We serve approximately 4000 students over the course of the year on fieldtrips. Due to funding cuts we also do offsite visits to schools who can not come. During the summer we provide summer camps as well as educational programs and community centers and libraries. We are a small refuge 4600 acres but have a great boardwalk ...

Alaska Peninsula & Becharof NWR

Our Goals: Create an understanding of scientific practices and principles. Instill a sense of connection to the natural world by getting outdoors. Create a program that can be built upon in future years. We started this program last year, working with the 4th-5th grade teacher and the principal of Bristol Bay Borough School in Naknek. We met for 9 sessions, beginning in March and ending in May 2014. 19 children ...

Mike Thompson Wildlife Area

In partnership with the Fish and Wildlife Service and Friends of the Dunes, the BLM Arcata Field Office offers fall and spring field trip programs designed for 3rd-6th grades. The Bay to Dunes program includes a pre-field trip classroom presentation with a colorful PowerPoint presentation followed by hands-on activities to prepare students for their visit. On field trip day, classes are broken up into smaller groups of 8-12 and led by ...

Pauls Valley Wild Horse and Burro Facility

The Pauls Valley facility serves as a resting point for animals arriving from the West and being shipped to adoption locations in the central and eastern United States. With 12 pastures stretching across 400 acres of land, the facility provides wild horses and burros a natural and safe environment until they are placed in new homes. The facility can hold a maximum of 600 animals. A drive-up interpretation center situated ...

Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands

Students Protecting the Coast is a project developed and facilitated in collaboration with the Pacific Community Charter School (PCCS) and ACORN Partners in Education on the Mendocino Coast of California. This project was launched during the 2012-2013 school year with a focus on the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands, public lands maintained by the Bureau of Land Management. The initial aim of the project was to provide support for encouraging the designation ...

Chadwick Marsh, Lopez Island

Chadwick Marsh, a pristine resource of the San Juan Islands National Monument, is one of the few natural springs in the archipelago. The goal of this program is to provide a generation of stewards for this delicate resource, and to build a baseline data set for science-based management decisions.

Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite, located in southeastern Utah, is one of the largest and most diverse dinosaur tracksites known in the United States. A minimum of 10 named tracks (ichnotaxa) are known from this site, including a variety of dinosaurs, along with crocodiles and birds. Located in the Early Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation (Ruby Ranch Member), this 112 million year old site contains one of the world’s largest known ...

Nine Mile Canyon

The purpose of the Nine Mile Canyon (NMC) living classroom site is to provide students with an introduction to the archaeology and ecology of the West Tavaputs Plateau. Through use of Utah core science curriculum, the NMC experience would enable students with the skills, and motivation to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area education program fosters stewardship of public lands by developing cognitive and affective bonds between students and the natural and culutural heritage of the Oregon Coast. This is achieved by engaging learners in "hands-on, hearts-on, and minds-on" educational experiences that are integrated with local school curicula and implement BLM national goals for education and interpretation.

Truckee River Outdoor Classroom at Mustang and McCarran

The BLM and its partners host two Truckee River Environmental Education Days a year designed to interest about 500 fourth and fifth graders in Truckee River habitat conservation, river and wetland ecosystems, and natural resource careers. We also plan to offer 2.5 hour experiences for individual classrooms.

Indian Creek Recreation Area

The Bureau of Land Managemetn plans to collaborate with the Dougls County, NV, and Alpine County, CA, school districts to integrate into their curriculum a formal hald day outdoor field experience for third to six graders.

Educational Institution
Tuscola Experimental Forest

Each fall the advanced biology students of Tuscola High School, Waynesville, NC carry out an intensive monitoring program of the forested stand at Tuscola High. The stand is sampled in quadrats that groups of students prepare to collect biotic and abiotic data. The area is a temperate deciduous forest that is undergoing secondary succession. The stand was logged around 60 years ago.

Casper Mountain

Casper Mountain is divided into five assessment areas, each with multiple land owners. The western side consisting of Jackson Canyon and Red Creek is considered bald eagle wintering habitat and is classified as an Area of Critical Ecological Concern (ACEC). Due to Casper Mountain’s close proximity to the City of Casper, any mitigation efforts on the Mountain will be visible and receive a high degree of public interest. The BLM's mission ...

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument is a newly designated monument that President Obama signed off on, on May 21, 2014. The 496,330 acres of the Monument are exceptionally suited for educational programs for grades K-12. Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks has significant prehistoric, historic, geologic, and biologic resources of scientific interest. The National Monument includes three distinct regions: the Organ Mountains, the Desert Peaks, and the Potrillo Mountains. Access to these areas is ...

Illinois River Watershed Sanctuary

The Illinois River Watershed Partnership is a non-profit conservation organization serving the Illinois River Watershed in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma. Our mission is to improve the integrity of the Illinois River through public education and community outreach, water quality monitoring, and the implementation of conservation and restoration practices throughout the watershed.
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