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Chadwick Marsh, Lopez Island Chocolate Lillies
Chadwick Marsh, a pristine resource of the San Juan Islands National Monument, is one of the few natural springs in the archipelago. The goal of this program is to provide a generation of stewards for this delicate resource, and to build a baseline data set for science-based management decisions.
Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite Large theropod dinosaur track found at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite
The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite, located in southeastern Utah, is one of the largest and most diverse dinosaur tracksites known in the United States. A minimum of 10 named tracks (ichnotaxa) are known from this site, including a variety of dinosaurs, along with crocodiles and birds. Located in the Early ...
tagfossil tagdinosaur tracks tagdinosaurs tagtracks tagpaleontology taggeology
Nine Mile Canyon Fremont figurine
The purpose of the Nine Mile Canyon (NMC) living classroom site is to provide students with an introduction to the archaeology and ecology of the West Tavaputs Plateau. Through use of Utah core science curriculum, the NMC experience would enable students with the skills, and motivation to pursue careers in ...
Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area Child searches in the intertidal zone
The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area education program fosters stewardship of public lands by developing cognitive and affective bonds between students and the natural and culutural heritage of the Oregon Coast. This is achieved by engaging learners in "hands-on, hearts-on, and minds-on" educational experiences that are integrated with local school curicula ...
tagtidepool taglighthouse tagtide pool tagwhales tagocean tagintertidal tagbeach
Truckee River Outdoor Classroom at Mustang and McCarran Students at BLM booth
The BLM and its partners host two Truckee River Environmental Education Days a year designed to interest about 500 fourth and fifth graders in Truckee River habitat conservation, river and wetland ecosystems, and natural resource careers. We also plan to offer 2.5 hour experiences for individual classrooms.
tagwetlands tagwatersheds taginvasive species tagriparian areas tagarchaeology tagecosystems
Indian Creek Recreation Area
The Bureau of Land Managemetn plans to collaborate with the Dougls County, NV, and Alpine County, CA, school districts to integrate into their curriculum a formal hald day outdoor field experience for third to six graders.
tagwatersheds tagwater quality taginvasive species tagriparian areas tagnon-point source pollution taggeology tagarchaeology tagmultiple-use
Tuscola Experimental Forest Educational Institution
Each fall the advanced biology students of Tuscola High School, Waynesville, NC carry out an intensive monitoring program of the forested stand at Tuscola High. The stand is sampled in quadrats that groups of students prepare to collect biotic and abiotic data. The area is a temperate deciduous forest that ...
Casper Mountain Students core Aspen trees
Casper Mountain is divided into five assessment areas, each with multiple land owners. The western side consisting of Jackson Canyon and Red Creek is considered bald eagle wintering habitat and is classified as an Area of Critical Ecological Concern (ACEC). Due to Casper Mountain’s close proximity to the City of ...
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument Dripping Springs Natural Area - La Cueva
Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument is a newly designated monument that President Obama signed off on, on May 21, 2014.  The 496,330 acres of the Monument are exceptionally suited for educational programs for grades K-12.  Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks has significant prehistoric, historic, geologic, and biologic resources of scientific interest. The National ...
Illinois River Watershed Sanctuary None
The Illinois River Watershed Partnership is a non-profit conservation organization serving the Illinois River Watershed in NW Arkansas and NE Oklahoma.  Our mission is to improve the integrity of the Illinois River through public education and community outreach, water quality monitoring, and the implementation of conservation and restoration practices throughout the ...
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