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2012 FIRE Up for Summer Course

FIRE Up for Summer is an outdoor-based research course for high school students and has been in the Hands on the Land (HOL) network since 2007. The course occurs in June of each year and runs for three weeks. Each course can accommodate up to 24 students. Students work on various inventory and research projects assigned by the Boise District or State Office of Idaho BLM. One of the main objectives of the program is to provide a real life work experience so students are asked to do tasks that the BLM and community partners actually need to have completed. The data students produce will be "valued and used" to attain concrete goals established by the program sponsors and agency employees.


Online Registration is now available for 2012. Go to the Register page to read the description and then fill out and submit the form. Before registering online, be sure to talk to your sponsoring science teacher.

The paper version of the registration form is still available. Read the course description before registering.

Questions? Contact Robert Beckwith at or Tobey Jossis at You can also ask us a question through our online form.