HOL School Coordinator
Wayne E. Bartels Middle School
Mathematics, Science, P.E.
7, 8
small town (approximately 10,000 people)
96% urban
4% rural
Race - mostly White, with approximately 5% each African-American and Hispanic students.
Percent Free/Reduced Lunch
approximately 50% free/reduced lunch population
Students Served (yearly)
7 to 13 (one or two school vans full)
Student-Field Hours
approximately 200 field hours per school year
Anticipated Impact
For the two years we have been partnering with the BLM (led by Derek Strohl), the students and I have learned how to identify tree types, remove invasives, measure water clarity, study sand compare soil layers, use a compass, measure distance by pacing, and measure tree canopy. We have learned the different habitats on the island, that the island is an important bird area, and have collected prairie grasses to eventually expand prairie habitat on the island. Students also have practiced using a GPS device to track a walking route, and have used maps to see how the island has changed over time. At the end of the last school year, the island team got to name the island and they chose the Latin name Semel Pratum which means once-prairie.