Empire Ranch Headquarters and landscape of Las Cienegas National Conservation Area
Empire Ranch Headquarters and landscape of Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

Bureau of Land ManagementEmpire Ranch Headquarters, Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

Member Since: 06/26/2006

Primary Contact: Catie Fenn
Other Contact: Gail W. Corkill

3201 E.Universal Way
Tucson, AZ 85756

Las Cienegas National Conservation Area comprises 42,000 acres of public land in southeastern Arizona. Under public ownership, the Bureau of Land Management manages the area based on the principles of multiple-use for future generations to use and enjoy.

Partner Information: The (HOL) Hands on the Land programs at Las Cienegas National Conservation Area are hosted by the Empire Ranch Foundation. Most of the HOL activities are held at the Empire Ranch Headquarters. 2015 : Our continuing partners include The Empire Ranch Foundation, Pascua Yaqui Community-Tucson Arizona including the communities of New Pascua, Old Pascua, Marana and the Sewa Uusim program in Guadalupe, Arizona. Elders, Artists and Mentors: Felipe Molina, Louis David Valenzuela, Norma Mena, The Jaimez Family and Hiaki High School’s Principal, Mr. Juan Soto and High School Teacher, Mr. Landon Walls and all the participating youth from Guadalupe, AZ, Hiaki High School, Tucson, and the Tucson Unified School District --- You are the ones that keep this program running, fun and educational. A big thank you to all participants.

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Hands on the Land - Youth In Wilderness (HOLYIW) -  Is an ongoing program developed by teachers, elders and mentors of the Pascua Yaqui (Yoeme) community.

Most recently (summer 2015) The Teachers on Public Lands program and selected teacher, Mr. Landon Walls from Hiaki High School, Tucson Arizona, completed the “Las Cienegas : History, Water & Sense of Place”, a teacher friendly program for social studies/science grade level 9th-12th grade. Available soon!


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